Centre for Neuroregeneration University of Edinburgh

Chancellors 320

Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh
Each research group is affiliated with one or more interdisciplinary centers that are designed to encourage collaboration within research themes and across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

General research themes include:

  • Clinical Brain Sciences: Brain imaging, prion diseases, psychiatric research, psychological medicine and stroke
  • Molecular, cellular and behavioural research: Degeneration and repair, developmental neurobiology, behavioral and systems neuroscience, membrane signaling and plasticity
  • Human Cognitive Neuroscience: Memory, attention, and visual cognition in humans
  • Adaptive and Neural Computation: Theoretical neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, computational science, mathematics and statistics

The objectives of the CNR are:

  1. Strengthen our themes of cognition, neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration by recruitment of fellows and permanent staff.  In the previous five years six new group leaders recruited to their first independent position.
  2. Coordinate and facilitate neuroscience activities in Edinburgh and to promote the public understanding of neuroscience.
  3. Provide a neuroscience graduate training programme.
  4. Catalyse interaction between basic and clinical neuroscience by means of new appointments and clinical fellowships, and interdisciplinary collaborations*

Team Lead

Professor Peter Brophy – Molecular and Cell Biology of Axon-Glia Interactions in Health and Disease


  • Young Investigator
Dr. David Lyons – Genetic and Cellular Mechanisms of Myelination, Neuronal Development
  • Young Investigator
Dr. Nathalie Rochefort – Functional Connectivity in Sensory Cortical Circuits
  • Young Investigator
Dr. Dirk Sieger – Interactions of Residential Brain Macrophages (Microglia) and Brain Tumours
  • Young Investigator
Dr. HongYan Zhang – Neuroregeneration


  • Alumni
Dr. Michael Daw – Developmental Cortical Physiology
  • Alumni
Dr. Ian Duguid – Neurophysiology
  • Alumni
Professor Giles Hardingham – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Neurotransmitters
  • Alumni
Dr. Matthew Nolan – Neural circuits and computation